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2022 Review

Aquila Initiative has continued to grow over the last year.

We had some moments when things seemed uncertain as we didn’t have the funds for the following month to cover our regular costs but the Lord provided every time.

Although we had moments of uncertainty, it brought us into more fervent prayer and the ensuing encouragement of seeing the Lord’s faithfulness each time made it all the sweeter. We grew in faith.


Our network also grew in this year as more churches joined with us either as a supporting partner or planting partner, which allowed us to a support and encouragement to more churches, and further spread the word about the need for church planting in Europe.


We had some ambitious plans for 2022 which included launching a Business in Mission (BIM)  and also the official launch of the Aquila Theological Institute (ATI) by the 4th quarter.


Unfortunately we weren't able to fulfill the first goal of launching a BIM by the 4th quarter.

However, SDG Apparel is now a registered company and ready to launch once funding has been secured.
Additionally, the process to establish Home Aid - a home care company in Cologne -was started and launched early in 2023, but more to that later.

These independent missional businesses are an important aspect to the apprenticeship as they will collaborate with ATI to train apprentices, as well as be a sustainable source of income and an avenue for engaging with the community.


Our second goal for 2022 was the hard launch of Aquila Theological Institute (ATI).
Bureaucratic red tape was overcome, delays were endured, budget constraints made us innovate, until finally the apprenticeship program was completed in the early third quarter of the year.

In conjunction with this, we confirmed our Academic board of Advisors who  together reviewed our curriculum and provided feedback that helped us ensure our apprentices will be thoroughly prepared and equipped for marketplace missions and church planting.

With the website online and onboarding processes ready to roll, we officially launched on the twelfth of November 2022.

This is a major milestone for us, seeing a critical piece of our initial vision coming together after years of prayer and hard work.


Lastly, we offered numerous seminars over the year which we believed would be a help and encouragement to our partnering churches.

  • Beyond Sunday Worship

  • Our Triune God

  • Uncommon Community

We are grateful to all our speakers and everyone who helped make it happen.

2022 Financials

2021 Budget


2022 Budget


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2023 Plans

Aquila Theological Institute

We continue to develop our Apprenticeship Program which was launched in November last year, as we take on more apprentices. We are working with churches across Germany and exploring opportunities across Europe and other parts of the world for developing apprentices in the local church, to plant new churches.

In May we will be launching a series of courses for the local church. These are not only for churches that have apprentices or desire to plant churches, but for any church to be able to use in their context in order to strengthen and train up the people in their church.


We are planning 3 seminars this year both in Cologne and Bonn but also in Frankfurt, that we believe are relevant and a support to our partnering churches and the apprentices at ATI.

Entrusted - 29 April in Bonn

Stewardship is often mentioned in our churches, bible studies, and small groups. This is only natural because it encompasses our entire lives, however, what exactly is stewardship? And how do we know that we are in fact being faithful stewards? Join us as we explore how the Scriptures define and illustrate stewardship and then discuss practical steps for faithful stewardship. 

Redemptive Entrepreneurship - 25 November in Bonn

It is good and right for Christians to engage in business in an ethical manner. This seminar will touch on ethics and go beyond, into the exciting realm of business as a conduit to bless and empower those who are served by it through addressing both physical and spiritual needs.

Parenting third culture kids - 2 September in Frankfurt

This seminar is not geared toward teaching a specific parenting model but explores the different obstacles families with third and fourth culture kids must face as they navigate life together.

Business in Mission

With new laws prohibiting Aquila Initiative from owning for profit businesses, we've continued to develop individual businesses that are independent entities.

In addition to Nick & Zack launching Home Aid, and the registration of SDG Apparel, David & Kristen are in the process of launching Prisca Publishing, which is to be a self publishing platform that will provide resources for the global church.

A few of the apprentices in ATI have been using their creativity to lead others into a deeper understanding of Genesis through music and storytelling. The goal with Prisca Publishing as a BIM, is to empower these apprentices to develop what they produce and make it available for local churches worldwide.


Just in the past year we have seen our network of churches expand. We are excited to be working with more churches from our own convention of international churches as well as our church partners in the United States.

We are also praying that in the next two years the Lord will lead us to support local church planting in Aachen, Essen and Königswinter.

Ultimately this is what Aquila Initiative is all about.

Whether we talk about apprenticeships, church planting networks, Business in Mission, or competency-based theological education; all of these things are means to the greater goal of seeing churches planted.

This is our aim and what we desire to see above all else; more and more people gathering in local churches to praise the name of Jesus.

May the God of peace equip you with everything good that you may do his will, working in us, that which is pleasing in his sight, through Jesus Christ, to whom be glory forever and ever. Amen

2023 Financials

2022 Budget


2023 Budget


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