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The Aquila Theological Institute offers theological training coupled with apprenticeship in a local church and Business in Mission (BIM) to give potential church planters relevant training and in the field experience, so that they are thoroughly equipped for the work ahead.

A unique aspect of our Apprenticeship model is the Business in Mission training. We desire to equip people with the theological and business skills necessary to go into a new city and start up a mission-minded business.  This business will serve to financially support the church planters, quickly build relationships in the community and be used as a platform to share the gospel and plant the church. It is our hope that some of these business models will be models that can be reproduced as we train up more teams to be sent out by their church into new cities and neighbourhoods.

The Apprenticeship Journey

The local church is continuously involved in the training of their apprentices. With competency based learning this is done through Mentors from ATI and the sending church.


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