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Business + Missions

A multiplication of small businesses as a means of market-place ministry while offering Christ-exalting community to the world.

The goal is to be the salt in different communities by sharing and living out our faith in Jesus Christ and the hope and love we have in him. Through prayer and the leading of the Holy Spirit, the objective is that small groups and later churches are established.

These are BIMs that support church planting teams by providing:

1. A sustainable financial support.

2. A means of contact in a new community that helps the team quickly build relationships and share the Gospel

3. Practical facilities for people to gather, and plant a church.


The goals of a BIM

  1. Community Development. This allows church planters to build relationships and share the Gospel to accomplish the ultimate goal, to establish churches and bring glory to God.

  2. Duplicable BIM concepts that can be established in other cities, regions & countries.

  3. Create healthy self-sustaining businesses which will support the primary goal. It's important that this third goal never becomes the primary one because this will defeat the purpose of what we really want to achieve. The profit that a BIM generates is to start and support new church planting projects.

A BIM in action



Prisca Publishing

Narrow Gate Coffee

We are working toward starting a co-op coffee shop in Cologne, Germany. The goal of this coffee shop is to establish a public presence in the community, share the Gospel, and give opportunity for training and employment for those who will go through the Aquila Theological Institute. The long-term goal is to create a reproducible model which can be taken to other cities/towns where church planting teams can get established.

The co-op aspect of this coffee shop is a co-working space for small start-ups and freelancers who rent office or desk space in a fully functional office. This affords us opportunity to live out our faith in Christ on the work floor, networking small businesses and having a greater influence of christian work ethics. 


Prisca Publishing

Over the past eight years, members of Aquila Initiative have been working to create tools for the local church to assist their members in becoming biblically literate in both the English and the German language.
Resources like study guides, children's bible stories, memory verse songs and much more will be available to help churches systematically go through the Bible together. As Prisca Publishing grows, we hope to provide more than simply books but also become an outlet for evangelism and Biblical training through podcasts and videos in many languages.

Prisca Publishing is already showing itself to be a great asset in terms of apprentice training for the Aquila Theological Institute, as we currently have two apprentices involved in creating and editing content for their local church. Although it is not yet an official business, the work being done has proven to be a great platform for training and equipping. Our goal is to develop Prisca Publishing into a successful business that will create multimedia material with content that will help equip the local church.

Aquila Initiative is currently working to establish other businesses as well as partnerships with existing businesses that can help train apprentices in a wide variety of business practices as well as marketplace missions.



Phone: +49172 413 5617

EU Postal Address: Hans-Weber-Strasse 10, 53773 Hennef, Germany

USA Postal Address: Laramie Valley Chapel, 4801 Quarter Horse Drive, Laramie, WY 82070

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