It’s an arrangement where we agree to cooperate with each other in order to advance our mutual interests. Our mutual interests are building the kingdom of God through church planting. 

To engage with like-minded churches who want to build and be a part of a network of churches that work together to plant churches. 

Partnering with other churches to support a new church plant. 

Partnering with Aquila Institute to teach and equip church planters. 


Being a new ministry, there are a lot of startup costs involved in getting this initiative off the ground.  We are praying the Lord will provide the means for Aquila Initiative to build the infrastructure necessary to train those who are going through the apprenticeship program. We plan to launch our first business in 2020 which will be used to help train people in the Business in Mission model of church planting. 


Once the apprenticeship program is established church partners will be involved in supporting church planters as well as participating in the training portion. It is our hope that the BIM’s we help start will help financially support the church planters, and even help support the next BIM.  Every church has something to offer, and it is our desire to see different ministries with specific skill sets come and train those in the apprenticeship program about ministry life, church planting, biblical studies, business management, and entrepreneurial skills. This allows for different people from many churches to be directly involved in equipping people for church planting.

Our partners


A well-established church with a strong heart for evangelism, discipleship, and church planting. Serving as the sending church in the USA for Aquila Initiative Network Director David Martin, LVC has also partnered with Aquila Initiative to serve as the local church authority helping to offer wisdom and support.


Since it was officially launched in 2012, the passion of Gospel Grace church has been to plant church-planting churches, a mission that they carry out through their own training program. GGC has partnered with Aquila Initiative through finances and prayer.


Pastored by Aquila Initiative's Network Director David Martin, IBC Cologne enlisted the help of Aquila Initiative to plant IBC Bonn in 2019. IBC Cologne continues to work toward further church planting and has begun sending apprentices through the Aquila Theological Institute.


A mission-minded church of over 4,000 pastored by Stephen Davey. Colonial has partnered with Aquila Initiative financially through their Grace Promise funds to help support the Aquila Theological Institute.

With the assistance of Aquila Initiative, IBC Cologne planted IBC Bonn in 2019. Now pastored by Aquila Initiative's Academic Director Dr. Stephen Campbell, IBC Bonn has partnered financially and prayerfully with Aquila Initiative and hopes to participate in church planting by serving as a training ground for future apprentices of the Aquila Theological Institute.

Redeemer Church was launched in March of 2003 after months of prayer and preparation by approximately 25 men and women committed to planting a new church in Rockford. The mission of Redeemer Church is to glorify God through the fulfillment of the Great Commission.  They have partnered with Aquila Initiative through finances and prayer.

At Red Mesa Fellowship, the core of their mission is discipleship. By this, the mean the process of showing and exemplifying a Christ-like life for the edification of the saints. Red Mesa has partnered with Aquila Initiative through finances and prayer.

One of the largest Baptist churches in the United States, Prestonwood is passionate about participating in global missions. With a passion for using short-term missions as a gateway to long-term foreign missions, Prestonwood has partnered with Aquila Initiative to offer an exciting and enriching time of ministry training and evangelism in Cologne, one of the darkest cities in Europe.

New Life Lutheran was found on January 21st, 2010, on a simple but important truth that the Bible is the inspired, authoritative Word of God. As a result, they have nurtured a culture that is willing to do anything to bring transformation into people’s heart and lives through the power of God’s Word. NLL has partnered with Aquila Initiative through finances and prayer.



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