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Training Marketplace Missionaries for Europe: The Why and How of Our Approach

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Here in Germany -- as elsewhere -- a lot has changed during the current pandemic (or as the Germans often call it, "Corona-Zeit"). For the church this has created particular challenges, but it has also provided an opportunity to embrace new technologies and media platforms. Without a doubt, God remains sovereign and is lovingly building his church by the power of the Holy Spirit to the Glory of God. 

This forced adaptation is affecting every aspect of our lives. It is impacting families, schools, places of work, churches, and larger organisations. In response to these times, the International Baptist Convention's quarterly magazine Highlights has now moved online. This allows us to share with you a recent article about Aquila Initiative.

In another blog post, I discuss ways that 2020 is showing us at Aquila Initiative the vital need for well-designed approaches to teaching that can be accomplished online and through contextualized learning. For now, however, click the link and take a look at the article (page 8) to get a clear picture of the Aquila Initiative's mission and aims.

And consider sharing with people you know that might be interested in learning more about our ministry.

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